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The Death of Pope

John Paul II sometimes identified as John Paul or else Blessed John Paul was born in the year 18th May 1920 and died on 2nd April 2005. He reigned as Pope of Catholic church since 1978 till 2005. He was second longest helping Pope in the non-Italian and history from 1523. John Paul II was praised as being a charismatic figure and most prominent frontrunner of the time. He is recognized by his efforts on putting an end to communist rule in his homeland Poland and ultimately the entire Europe. He extensively improved catholic associations with the Anglican Communion, Judaism, Eastern Orthodox and Islam. Though criticized as a result of maintaining the church teachings against women ordination and simulated contraceptives, John Paul was extensively praised for being firm in his orthodox catholic stances.

John Paul II was a widely travelled leader visiting hundred and twenty nine countries during his time. During his free times he beatified one thousand three hundred and forty people and canonized four hundred eighty three saints exceeding the combined total of his predecessors for the period of the previous five centuries. The pope named most of current College of Cardinals, ordained countless priests and sanctified a large number of bishops (Rendina 42).

His main objective as Pope was to convey change, position and transform the church. The pope’s wish was to unite the Christians, Jews and Muslims and also to put the Catholic Church in the hearts of the religious alliance. The late pope apologized to all group of people who had gone through torture and had suffered over the years in the hands of the church. Before he became the Pope, he was originally a well-known devotee of initiatives such as the letter of reconciliation to the German bishops by the polish bishops from 1965. When he became the Pope, he publicly made over hundred apologies for the wrongdoings that included: African slave trade involvement with the Catholics in 9th august 1993, the silence and inactivity during Holocaust of numerous Catholics, the violation and injustices and historical denigration committed against women among others.

John Paul II died of heart failure from intense hypotension and full circulatory collapse in his private apartment with only 46 days to his 85th birthday. The mass held in Requiem was told to be world record because of the number in attendance of leaders of state. After his death, many of the clergy in the Vatican called him “John Paul the great”

The Korean War in 1950s

Another historical event that made the headlines all over the world would be the Korean War (1950-1953). In 1950, the communist in the North attacked South in June 25. The members of the United Nations called for the unity to assist South Korea in 27 June 1950.  The forces from United States were ordered by Truman into the state of Korea. In June 28, Northern Korea captured Seoul. The communist of Chinese joined the war. The war in Korea was between the North and the South whereby the North Korea was reinforced by the UN, the South was supported by China. The war was due to political division by an agreement of successful allies of the pacific war after WWII (Malkasian 47).

The cause of division between the Koreans was due to the failure to conduct free elections during the Korean peninsula that was in 1948; South Korea recognized the democratic government, while the North Korean recognized the communist government. The UN gave backing to the Koreans. The United States of America assisted by providing soldiers to South Korea. The fighting between the North and South Korea terminated on July, 27th 1953, after signing the armistice agreement. This armistice agreement restored the Korean boundary a 38th parallel and by creating a Korean zone that is demilitarized.

Suez Canal

Suez Canal is connected to red and Mediterranean Sea; it is a man made waterway sea level in Egypt. The Suez Canal was 164 km long when it was first built. The canal measurement is 193.30 km long and 24m deep. The Suez Canal has no locks and the sea water flows liberally into canal. The Canal authority is the people who maintain and own the canal. The canal allowed transportation using water between the Asian and Europe without going round Africa. The Canal initialization was in 1869 after ten years of construction (Friedberg and Friedberg 64).

Suez Canal has facilitated travelling from the river Nile to red sea in ancient East-West. The Suez crisis was a major issue caused by the United States of American and the United Kingdom. This was because the president from Egypt, who was known to be Gamal A. Nasser, made Canal state-owned and shifted to canal authority, which was intended to finance the project using the Suez Canal revenue. Later on, the crisis was solved hence the Suez Canal authority had the work of maintaining the canal.

New Zealand

The historical event in New Zealand concerns the first woman to be granted votes which is important in the political history of the late 19th century. The women were granted the first to be voted in the modern times. The elections were held in 28 November 1893 and the first woman was Elizabeth Yates who became the mayor of the country (Grimshaw 28). The women suffrage in the country of New Zealand felt that women voting would raise the mortality of the politics. The women suffrage was authorized by queen of royal warrant, the women were considered to be not eligible to be appointed as government officials. The opposition came from the opponents where they undermined women and they considered them unreliable, but in the long run, women were chosen (Dalziel 48).

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